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You don't have to look very far to see how many people are experiencing some type of challenge, whether it be physical or financial. We believe that God brings you to and through adversity so that He can show you what He really has planned for you and that is the hope that we want to share with others! Keep your dreams in front of you and don't let anyone tell you - it's over! We are striving to reach financial success and in so doing help others reach theirs too! Read Success Profile

Refresh, Renew, Re-You!

It just keeps getting better and better! Soon we will be drinking our Vemma formula from a can and enjoying the refreshing flavor while getting our nutrition!

Great company, great product, great nutrition! Contact us to find out how you can get started on the right path to physical and financial freedom!

Robby & Jo Lynn Ensor
(239) 595-2159

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It's ParTea Time!

The newest product in the Vemma family has arrived! Now you can have an ice cold can of ParTea!! So many choices... so little time! Love this company and all the products. Our favorites are - well it's impossible to tell you what our favorite is. Love the 2oz shot of Vemma everyday and the Verve is a "can't live with out it" essential with the vitamins/minerals.

The Bod-e Burn is a great way to start the day with vitamins/minerals and the protein and -body burning, appetite suppressing elements to get you going each day! Oh and another favorite is the Bod-e Shake. It's like drinking a chocolate shake - or - mix the vanilla with 1 oz of Vemma and you've got a orange dreamsicle shake! Whaaalaaaa! Can't wait for the pre-mix cans - coming soon!

Find out more about how to get your nutrition and/or increase your income by contacting us at (239) 595-2159. Robby & Jo

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We never realized how much we were missing when it came to nutrition until we found Vemma. What a difference it has made in our lives! We knew we were exhausted and feeling aches and pains that come along with life and careers, but once we started taking the Vemma - that was all in the past!

We don't forget to take it because it tastes so great and makes such a difference in our health that we can't wait to take our 2oz shot every day!

Our monthly supply appears auto-magically on our doorstep every month!! When we see that big orange box we give a big whooo hooo!! It's like Christmas every month!

If you are looking for a physical and/or financial overhaul... Vemma is the right path!
Contact us to find out more! You will be happy you did!
Robby & Jo

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Shaking Things Up!

Just a couple of more weeks before the ***-e protein shakes arrive and we are so excited! I just love being part of a company that looks for the best and the most convenient ways to improve the life of its customers and brand partners! Will have more information later and will keep you updated!

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The Countdown is on!

Can't wait to start the new year off with the new Vemma ***-e Burn & Cleanse!! We started making healthy changes a little over a year ago and now we are going to totally transform not only our bodies but our lives!

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